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Why Fried Chicken is Bad for You

Why Fried Chicken is Bad for You

There are many fast food restaurant chains that are thriving on the business of serving fried chicken – which experts also refer to as one of the unhealthiest food items on the planet!

The fried chicken may taste delicious, there’s no doubt about it. But have you ever considered the health consequences that come with the craving of this particular food item. In this blog post, we’ll tell you why fried chicken is your #1 enemy and what alternative food you can try to enjoy the same – or even better – taste without putting your health at stake.

Side Effects of Eating Fried Chicken

Eating fried chicken on a regular basis means hiring a silent killer on a long-term contract. Beware of these side effects whenever you feel like eating fried chicken again:

1) Increased risk of developing type-2 diabetes

The number of patients being diagnosed with type-2 diabetes is on the rise. The risk increases manifold if you are obese or are dealing with high cholesterol, specifically elevated LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Sedentary lifestyle has already made us a slave of many diseases; developing type-2 diabetes

2) Unexplained mood swings

The connection between gut and brain was not well established a decade or so ago. However, research into the microbes in our gut has substantially changed how we study moods and chronic conditions like anxiety and depression. Now with a better understanding of the gut brain axis, we know that our mood is highly influenced by the kind of food we eat. Your gastrointestinal tract is also lined with millions of nerve cells, called neurons that help to digest food and regulate your mood. How much serotonin (happiness hormone) your gut produces is largely based on how many good bacteria comprises your gut’s microbiome. Eating fried foods on a regular basis, for example, can cause more bad bacteria to form, which can then lead to more inflammation in the body. This causes unexplained mood swings and may affect your relationships!

3) Elevated cholesterol

Consuming fried chicken regularly will take your Low-Density Lipoprotein to alarmingly high levels. LDL can build up in your arteries causing them to narrow over time, which raises your chances of suffering a heart attack. To stay healthy, you need to bring down your LDL and improve the levels of your HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein). The latter is also referred to as good cholesterol. Oily foods are the number 1 adversary of good cholesterol.

4) It may make you obese

Obesity is a common and serious disease. Obesity-related conditions include heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. These are among the leading causes of preventable, premature death. If you are not obese yet and wish to stay fit, you should pass that bucket of fried chicken that your friends are relishing on.

5) Increased risk of death

According to a large scale 2019 study which was published in the journal BMJ, women who consumed 1 serving of fried chicken at least once a day had a 13% higher risk of death when compared to women who didn’t eat any fried foods. This figure may appear small to many fried chicken lovers; however, in scientific terms this is a worrisome figure.

Alternative for Fried Chicken

Oil-Free Chicken is the best alternative to unhealthy fried chicken. O’ Chicken India, India’s leading oil-free chicken restaurant chain has shown how a health-conscious intent can revolutionize an unhealthy industry, and that too without compromising on taste.

O’ Chicken India’s menu contains all oil-free chicken, fish and vegetarian items that are just as tasty as the regular ones, and way lower in calories and trans fat. We are certain that once you have dined-in at any O’ Chicken outlet or have ordered from us through food delivery apps, you will never ever like to switch to the regular fried chicken!